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Jean Valjean
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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je suis nouveau

Unread Messageby Jean Valjean » 20/05/10, 19:01

Hello I vien to happen, I m j manual call 33 years I've tyauteur j habitte burgundy .j have make a pantone I have it up on my 406 2 l16 cut but I did not do the water and air supply (a cause of constant) photo later. I'm looking for someone to share my knowledge in piping against knowledge
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby Tibo1987 » 10/03/11, 13:09

Hi all,

I'm thibaud I 24 years, I have some bi in vegetable oil under my belt, and I'm interested in the water doping for years .... I just changed vehicle for a C 250 TD mercedes, so the old 5 cylinder merco with a Turbal and intercooler, I want pantoniser (finally boost to water) that this engine uses a lot (average 8L) and I'm on to have sacred results with an old bouzou like that.

I have many qustions :

- I wonder if it would not be right to bypass the intercooler because I'm afraid of the risk of "recondensation" steam in it.

- I think I know or I'll install the reactor, there are on this engine EGR valve tapping on the top of the right engine cylinder head on the collector output. Great place. I need to see dismantled feasibility.

- for the steam generation .... I would not have the place to put a bubbler and I do not like this principle.
- The GVI seems like a good solution but I'm scared to massacre my pot and not knowing repair after because I do not know soldering!
- I saw the Ecopra process with a ring around the pot to generate steam I like. But I wonder what reactivity can be expected from such an assembly ....
- I also reflected a mounting with nebulizer (or even nebulizers in series activated by running the cable accel ...?)


I would have liked to discuss this with someone who knows about Toulouse; or with you on the fofo to advance the theory of my project ..

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Mets oil!
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby Dudule » 01/05/13, 18:21

Hello South Ouestiens,

I am often on Bordeaux and Toulouse.
I intend making a Guillier Pantone soon and I would love to meet someone who has already achieved.

@ soon.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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new south west

Unread Messageby avvpo » 13/05/13, 12:24

I'm herve (say vevert)
I was lavardac below agen
I'm just beginning to discover the pantone engine and it's on my ass! : Shock:

mecano and being quite debrouillard I try to live my passion which is to renovate, repair of bikes (Harley and other)
instead of the old generation I do not Rafols of electronics and injection etccc on recent

I continued to watch and learn this system that seems simple to me (even too much) to do it again on mower First of (like many I supose) and then on a scooter or even a view of the means becane permits me
not much free temp (requires working for a living) I would find out the temp myself look as it should

open to any proposal or contact to talk to a good coffee no worries
my contact information and some photos of what I do are available on site if need monj

bientot people, I think we will do great things here : Mrgreen:
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