Water injection in engines: montages and experimentsPantone engine in Region Western France and Britain

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby youen » 23/01/09, 17:02

Bonjour à tous
I am reindeer and I transplanted interest to the Pantone system and specifically the doping of the steam engine ...
But I am still very skeptical about the real positive effect of this system. I must be able to see test vehicles of my eyes and actually see the effect produced ... Because most of the time we have the impression of having to do to the screamers making the praises of mossieu pantome ...
What did remotivé me to the subject, it is especially the case of the town of Vitry sur orne would have equipped a c15 of water doping process ...
So first, I'd like to meet people who have tested and realized a project of this type on a vehicle ... And if really convinced this is really, why not put it on my old 205 diesel ... my father was formerly mechanic, it could also occupy her mind and hands lol
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Angular stone
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Doping water courses in Brittany

Unread Messageby Angular stone » 14/04/09, 21:34

Hello, our association organizes two courses Doping water for individuals and the weekend of 2 3 May 11 and 12 and July in Britain.

The purpose of this training is to enable the individual to equip or to equip their vehicles with a system that made the evidence from many partners.

Feel free to visit our page on this course on the following link:

http://lapierreangulaire.free.fr/index. ... &Itemid=11

We remain at your disposal for any further information


For the Cornerstone
Alexandre GREGOIRE
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Association for the Promotion and Development of Organic Building and Energy Management

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