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Edits and changes to engines, experiences, findings and ideas.
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby hitih » 18/11/05, 09:43

Yes you can make ca;)

There is also a Clermont who contacted me by MP a few days ago who will be interested
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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And another

Unread Messageby freeman » 25/11/05, 15:52

Hi everybody,

I am on the region of Blois, it is not very far from Tours, Orleans, Bourges.
I am not yet passed the act, but I think more seriously especially as I have a big baby feeding (already with a little HVB) nothing to lose but time but I think therefore GO ! GO! GO !.

Here, if we can pin something and see one of these 4.


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I discovered econologic
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Pantone and LPG ...

Unread Messageby ccad » 05/12/05, 11:44

Hello everyone,
I am new to the forum and I would like to share my thoughts with you.
I know the Pantone process since 2 years and I read a lot about it but not yet moved on to directing.
I'm on tours and it is by reading intervention Hitih and its GPL 405 I decided to post.

I have a Range Rover GPL, and I look at first to make it work in BingoFuel Jean-Louis Naudin


The LPG system is particularly suitable for testing because everything is already there, there has to disconnect the gas pipe of the diffuser and replace the hose BingoFuel ... and see if it works.

The combustion of BingoFuel, like the GPL also essentially producing water vapor and CO2, this is where the Pantone system ...
I think in the pungent reactor inlet gas directly into the exhaust, we can dispense with bubbler.

3me reflection: The mower retroffited Jean-Louis Naudin, once again, works with a mixture SP25 95% and 75% water.
(I think that the passage of the exhaust gases in the bubbler, is not foreign to the case ...).
Furthermore, Pantone argues that the system can work with any fuel that contains organic carbon.
He would also have managed to run a closed-circuit engine ... I say he "would" because I did not find any comments or articles on the issue.

Which brings me to this:
The engine should work in the worst case 50% of traditional fuel (BingoFuel or LPG) and 50% of water vapor from the exhaust via one or more reactors, and all that in approaching the 0 pollution.
All the elements already being in a gaseous state, the feeding system (LPG) being mounted on the car, the embodiment would be minimized.

One can also imagine as a reactor fuel with LPG and another with 50-50 exhaust, but it complicates assembly, and I am not convinced of the benefit of it.

So, for now I miss the time for experimentation, but if these ideas could be used for other I would be delighted.

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Perfection is the simplicity ...
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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area center

Unread Messageby charendome » 19/12/05, 15:59

I live in Quincy and I am seeing to equip my diesel r19 a Pantone system.
for now, I'm seeing how to place the organs, and see what I can find for the fair buleur.

thank you to contact me for exchange of ideas.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby kennynou » 03/03/06, 06:59

Hi, I'm grouper (a 40 km towers) like I discovered I am the pantone and adapted to my 2cv! I'm using good mechanical Sunday.
I think faudrai meet for a weekend to comun our plans and start carrying on a real car engine test. (Jveux well put an engine 2cv tested) I 1 possibility of having another. I have friends who turn a mower background pantone apart the noise it made, it works.
You can contact me by email or on my mp kennynou@hotmail.com
A bientot!
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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby ecototo » 20/04/06, 13:31

Hello, I live on towers, the system pantone interest me much, I already have a pantoniser mower and it works very well ..
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby coyote2 » 08/05/06, 16:48


The Pantone reactor interest me enormously. But not a good welder, I stayed to the water supply pipe joints. (All alone, I know I would not do any good.)

I followed an internship M Pochon: Water doping a diesel car (with instead of rod steel balls).

When I saw him, he wanted to experiment with simple ball play (silica) to have no magnetic field problem. (Battery for the heart, credit card ...).

Well, I'm looking for people in the area Montlucon (where I currently work) in the Paris region or in the Aube, near Troyes.

Otherwise, I tried the aquafuel: I noticed (after pumping like a shadock) than for hydrogen, you need special bottles for storage. :?

And I interress me biogas.

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby Beauze » 09/06/06, 09:11

Hi all,

50 years, and I live in Aubusson in the Creuse and I have plenty of time to "prototype".

My project is to develop a small cogénration plant (electricity + heating) that work in bioagz and of course utilisatant Pantone process with water doping.

Any installation of LPG engine m'interresse and I am close to collaborate in the realization of a prototype.

I have never done editing but it's been a year since I'm the developments of each. and I have some ideas on implementation.

My first goal is to make a proto of "boiler"
Also I am looking for a pump pallete or piston (vacuum pump).

All addresses are good.

More in Creuse
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby bauzatrunk » 08/02/07, 16:53


I took knowledge of the Pantone system there is little time, not being a great handyman and with no tools fit, I would move this system by having concrete test this system. So I propose to test this system on my vehicle (a Golf 2 gasoline). I would undertake to shape a specially dedicated to topics that we stop the rumors and everyone is set on using.

I'm in Paris region, so employees do not hesitate.


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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby Golfobricolo » 04/03/07, 09:57

Hi everybody
Loic 27 years of Blois

I had sales of this forum yesterday and I had a plan of this beautiful system several months ago.

I have very little budjet car but not being ill-equipped I intend to put his practice on one of my cars!

I do not know what to choose (golf 1.6 1.6 D or TD) or what to do exactly.

welding or brazing is not a concern and I know use my tools.

I will first of all go surfing a bit to see what will be most effective in relation to my drive instead and that I have under my hood.

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