Following testing 2cv6

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An 2CV6 in use, and up to wear (without gallery : Lol: ) ...
: Arrow: 6l / 100km
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2CV6 1972 4CV tax (and yes, for export-I have the photocopy of the gray card in my archives for the incredulous) with which I scratched all the deuches at startup, even Charlestons brand new, while mine had more than 150.000 km ...

Almost binary operation (slowed down) 7,5L at 100km.

Another anecdote, 1ère not synchronized, Overdrive (4ème) and bottom of 1ère 40km / h, is 8000 rpm ... Well I also nié 2 alternators ... But to clear an intersection, it was bonnard. Problem, after had to wait for the regime falls and speed to hope to put the second ...

It's the only car I regret. My father sold it as part of a baladurette for my sister to buy a car.
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