Geneva Motor Show: the boom of JT diesel FR2 13h 04-03-08

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Geneva Motor Show: the boom of JT diesel FR2 13h 04-03-08

by jean63 » 04/03/08, 17:15

Yes, there is only diesel that can save us they said!

The whole world is looking at these European models emitting 89 g CO2 / km .... and the hybrid that goes with (soon):

click on "Automobile: opening of the Geneva Motor Show"
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by Christophe » 04/03/08, 17:35

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by Remundo » 04/03/08, 17:36

Yes, I watched it.

But still no Diesel Hybrid AND RECHARGEABLE : Cry:

Another problem of this excessive dieselization, refineries produce gasoline and diesel in certain proportions that are no longer respected because of fiscal policies on diesel that unbalance the market ...

So we export our gasoline to the US (pick up V8 gasoline ...) and the US we refill their diesel .... Tip top level pollution.

Or it is necessary to treat the gasoil or heavy oil by energy-consuming steam-cracking to obtain lighter essences ... but all this has a cost much more CO2 than financial : Frown: ...
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