RTBF: public question about global warming

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RTBF: public question about global warming

by Christophe » 13/02/07, 11:18

It happened on the same show as this:
https://www.econologie.com/forums/le-mot-eco ... t3050.html

Listen here (duration: 15 min)
https://www.econologie.com/file/divers/Q ... 609871.mp3

The current ecological campaign: http://www.ecolo.be/

Unite against CO2! This is what the Belgian Ecologist Party "Ecolo" is proposing to all parties in Belgium. The objective is to reduce CO30 emissions by 2% by 2020 before achieving, by 2050, a division by four of all greenhouse gas emissions. Isabelle Durant of Ecolo declared: "For Ecolo, the climate is one of the most important challenges in the history of mankind. We must therefore mobilize everyone. Ecolo proposes to launch a plan over 12 years, over three legislatures.

Following the federal elections in June, the government will have to set up the Estates General to mobilize all levels of power: federal, regional or municipal. Ecolo starts from the observation that Belgium has very high levels of CO2 emissions per inhabitant (14 tonnes per year, to be compared with 10 tonnes for Spanish and 8 tonnes for Swedish) and that the increase in the consumption of energy is not inevitable.

Ecolo offers three routes. First of all, we must aim for greater energy efficiency, which leads to control of consumption. This notably involves insulation of homes or a reduction in car consumption. For Ecolo, the path of renewable energies offers tremendous development potential. The objective of increasing the share of renewable energies in final energy consumption to 20% by 2020 seems reasonable. The third way is constituted by energy sobriety, namely "the hunt for gaspis". It involves in particular an organization of space, trade and the economy that limits travel and allows consumption of less goods and services heavily loaded with energy. "

More: https://www.econologie.com/forums/l-union-na ... t3113.html
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