Worst floods in Mongolia in 40 years

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Worst floods in Mongolia in 40 years

by recyclinage » 20/07/09, 21:20

Worst floods in Mongolia in 40 years

More than 20 people have been killed and hundreds more are deprived of shelter after the worst floods in Mongolia in addition to 40 years. This was said Monday a representative of the Red Cross.

The death of 23 people has been confirmed, said Francis Markus, spokesman of the Red Cross in Beijing citing figures of the Red Crescent. Torrential rains struck last week the capital Ulaanbaatar and the province of Gobi-Altai (west). This is the worst flood since 1966 in this sparsely populated country between China and Russia, according to the spokesman of the Red Cross who launched a call for donations and began to help the victims. (HIE)

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by Christophe » 20/07/09, 23:18

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