Diabetes exchange for cancer ...

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Diabetes exchange for cancer ...

by Targol » 23/11/06, 11:04

For SFR, mobile is health!
After an experiment on diabetes, the operator will launch in 2007 two solutions dedicated to asthma and tension to allow the users concerned to take charge of their disease.

Philippe Crouzillacq, 01net., 22/11/2006 at 19:30 p.m.

We do not yet officially know all of the health effects of intensive use of the mobile phone, but operators have already found it to have some curative properties. For several months, SFR has been testing on the French market, and in collaboration with the team of Dr Charpentier, from the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital center, a solution making it possible to improve the daily life of diabetic patients.

Deployed initially with 10 volunteers, the experiment will be extended to a panel of 400 testers. It could eventually affect the 3 million French people affected by this disease. The “T + Diabetes” device, already implemented by Vodafone in Great Britain, allows patients equipped with SFR 3G phones to read and save their blood sugar measured with a blood glucose meter, to automatically transmit this data to their doctor and to visualize at any time the histograms and the curves of evolution of their glycemia.

Device soon to be extended to asthma

They can also know the optimal insulin dose to inject and, if necessary, receive advice from their doctor via Texto. A way to better understand his illness by perceiving in real time the impact of his diet, physical activity or treatment on blood sugar.

In the same vein, SFR intends to launch, respectively in the first and second quarter of 2007, two other solutions dedicated to asthma (T + asthma) and to tension (T + tension). The latter solution will make it possible to provide medical staff with the results of a patient's blood pressure, taken with a blood pressure monitor, and directly transmitted by Bluetooth to the patient's mobile. It is up to him to automatically transfer this data to his doctor's computer.

source: 01net
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