"Citizen contribution" demanded from oil companies

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by Other » 14/02/08, 16:38

c) Superimposing French oil companies means limiting their development in the future with respect to foreign companies and in the current context the fight is and will be more and more difficult!

Because you think that French oil companies exist?
Yes on paper, and beautiful panels in front of the refinery with blue, white, red colors (here a maple leaf) it goes back to national pride, a method well known to multinationals.
There are none that have a national background (maybe gas prom) they are all international and take labels according to the places where it operates,

insurance is the same principle there is only one insurer the Loys.
steelworks soon the same thing only one player Mittal
Maritime transport is also becoming one hand.
Oil has been a cartel for a long time. All governments compare this organization to the power of this organization, they can bring down any government when it chooses, and all this democratic way (say that the honest citizen thinks to change something when he goes to vote, yes he changes the administrator of his taxes)
Even the countries of the east are not immune to these big cartels

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by Christophe » 21/02/08, 15:24

1) Yes of course André but I was talking about the parent company! Even if it means consuming oil, I like that 100% of the profits remain national ...

Finance the Bush (or McCain) government via texaco taxes, frankly ...

2) I have just written a new one: https://www.econologie.com/petrole-non-a ... -3690.html

ps: for fun, one of the rare oil deposits on French soil is exploited by a small texan petroleum. :)
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