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by kevinburgerking
17/08/17, 15:35
Forum : 3D printers and 3D print: machines and technologies, hardware, software, use and optimization
Subject : Where can I buy 3D printers?
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Where can I buy 3D printers?

Hello, I recently inquired about 3D printers. I have consulted many catalogs and have seen that, although for this it is famously democratized, they are mainly for sale on the internet. Do you know of any stores where you can buy it? In Belgium if possible. A p ...
by kevinburgerking
17/08/17, 15:28
Forum : Fossil fuels: oil, gas, coal and nuclear electricity (fission and fusion)
Subject : Should I stop heating myself with gas?
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Should I stop heating myself with gas?

First of all, hello everyone. I come to you because I have wondered about fossil fuels for a while and I suppose that many here will be able to answer my questions very easily. This is what is happening. Since these last, I try to be always more "one" with nature and to ...

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