A size not like other hedges

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Re: A hedge trimmer like no other

View oli 80 » 21/10/16, 11:37

Hello, it does not matter for the modification of the device
with us in France the device does not seem to be known, because I saw one in a trocante at my place
I saw a lot of people having it in hand but they did not know what it was, my brother has a German friend around him
saw that I live near the border, which we talked about trimming hedges and saw the device on the net, so I told him that there was one in this barter, with my brother he went see and bought the device, but I haven't heard from him since

in Germany this hedge trimmer seems more known than here
finally a French video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioF2a65BhL0
there are videos on this hedge trimmer
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