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bidouille23 wrote:Ben tasted a tomato of the ground well made with love and respect and you will find that your tomato of greenhouse hydro is fadasse;), edible and better than other certe but fadace. Takes an old variety with more flesh than pulp, a crime black for example, mmmm it does not flow in the assiete it's fruity it's sweet and sweet.

In hydro you will be fine doing what you want you will not have the terroir :) Even though I agree that some mix of fertilizers are better than others and melts the taste.
On the other hand with this story of terroir what I noticed (because I did a little hydro;) and aero, and back to the earth there's nothing like) is that the tastes are the in hydro, but not the subtlety of tastes, you have the shape and part of the bottom but not the nuances that melts everything.

Finally I also understand that it is better a tomato hydro of the best bill rather than a low quality.
So I do not hit the hydro even if it's a lot of energy spent, but I still say that in comparison the land is not better, on all points of view.

As for the heating of the greenhouses, and Dedelco is watching the report of "a local solution for a global problem of greenhouse hill" you will understand that it is no longer the farmer who runs but the bank and the industrialist unfortunately. 'school I do not know if they are still learning this kind of culture.

good evening see you later


I believe that you confuse mass production and personal production that you and I do!

Of course my tomatoes are better than these hydroponic greenhouse tomatoes, I'm talking about the comparison of large-scale tomatoes that in my case here in Canada come from the US or others that are not even grown on the plant and are stored several times. weeks see month before reaching our plate. Off season I have no choice but to consume these!

Those of this company (hydroponic greenhouse) are picked and delivered as fast as harvested from where the freshness and the superior taste!

Do not make the same mistake with wine or the French we neglect the competition of California who use stainless steel tanks and synthetic stoppers to make production constant taste when the French did not want to to adapt, taking advantage of the terroir!

We know the result yesterday with the huge loss of sales of these French vinobles!

Personally I drink these wines of excellent report / quality because I find the taste of which I am accustomed and my portfolio is better!
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The same little by little we get used to junk food also to prefer it with children who do not want fruit!
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