surface pump: Calculations

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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surface pump: Calculations

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I just m 'perceive that my subject was home section, while it may be more appropriate here.

This is a buried garden watering for about 3000 m2.
All is in place except the pump than the previous owner no longer has his son managed it and after quarrel took the pump.

I do not know what was and what to replace.
A pro propose an average HMT pump 50-57 2,5 for a flow rate 3m3 / h and hmt Max zero m3 of 70.

I started a few calculations.

Information provided through another forum lead me to modify my initial calculations.
The farthest point is about 100 m.
It takes 2.7 bar with sprinklers.
I assessed my HMT to 44 about but a bit quite minimized pressure losses.

Indeed it seems that for a pipe diameter of the pc int 27 3 m3 / h flow rate is 21 cm / m or m 21 100 2.1 m or bar

the delivery up of 0 flat ...
total 2.7 + = 2.1 4.8
High suction hma 0,32 5.12 bar is total night bars 52 3,0 to hmt m3 / h.
so far above what I thought ...

The starting already asked my network is one inch.
I read that depending on the diameter, possible maximum flow is only 1,4 m3 / h, yet it seems that we can exceed this limit by increasing the pressure in the pipes.

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Philippe Schutt
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in fact until 1,5m3 / h is not a big loss, but it's exponential. Typically we avoid exceeding 5m. So either you reduce to 1.5m3 / h, you pass to DN32, or the pump will do what it can and you'll find yourself somewhere between 1.5 and 3 m3 / h
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