Improve biodiversity in the garden: islands of wild life!

Organize and arrange your garden and vegetable garden: ornamental, landscape, wild garden, materials, fruits and vegetables, vegetable garden, natural fertilizers, shelters, pools or natural swimming pool. lifetime plants and crops in your garden.
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Re: Improving biodiversity in the garden: islands of wild life!

by Did67 » 26/02/20, 10:23

On the contrary - well, I mean: on the contrary, you have to send me impressions - especially when it is not aggressive!

I want to "shake" the coconut palm with certain "unique thoughts". But I don't want to hurt, or stigmatize, or be outrageous ...

Oh yes, I also play a bit of the "clown" for fear of becoming a "new guru" myself - so there is always, in the background, a certain form of self-mockery. Who passes or does not pass. I did a part of a conference one day sprawled out on a sofa (there was a sofa on the platform following a "round table" just before ...). It seemed to me to illustrate "the Potager du Laesseux". But it could be very badly perceived - like fuck-up!
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Re: Improving biodiversity in the garden: islands of wild life!

by Christophe » 18/03/23, 10:02

Biodiversity in the garden summarized in 3 images:

biodiversity in the garden.jpg
biodiversity in the garden.jpg (116.23 Kio) Viewed 73 times

(they forgot to represent the humans...)
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