WEDEW An invention transforms air into drinking water, without rejecting carbon

Innovations, ideas or patents for sustainable development. Decrease in energy consumption, reduction of pollution, improvement of yields or processes ... Myths or reality about inventions of the past or the future: the inventions of Tesla, Newman, Perendev, Galey, Bearden, cold fusion ...
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Re: WEDEW An invention turns air into drinking water, and without rejecting carbon

by izentrop » 24/10/18, 14:59

Source links are also important. I strive to put them so that everyone can check, it is a principle that I adopted. :)
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Re: WEDEW An invention turns air into drinking water, and without rejecting carbon

by Did67 » 24/10/18, 15:10

The site is zero (I pointed out the lack of seriousness of the comment on chlorine). I hope they just copy / paste the numbers of the analysis results, that I see them badly invent!

https://recuperation-eau-pluie.ooreka.f ... s-attendre

Here, others analyze, with reference to a professor of a Belgian University:

Wikipedia gives this:

Again, without going into the numbers, my point was just to say that rainwater is not pure water (in the sense of distilled or osmosis water).
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