Non-perpetual movement!

Innovations, ideas or patents for sustainable development. Decrease in energy consumption, reduction of pollution, improvement of yields or processes ... Myths or reality about inventions of the past or the future: the inventions of Tesla, Newman, Perendev, Galey, Bearden, cold fusion ...
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Re: Non-perpetual movement!

by Grelinette » 19/02/18, 16:19

Epilogis wrote:There would even be, if it is, the opposite effect: "we recover my wasted energy? So let's go cheerfully and waste even more, it's for the good of the planet!" :(

Here is another human paradox: the more I waste, the more I can save, so we are on the right track!
It is not won : Evil:
Finally, it's no worse to continue to look for perpetual motion ... At least, even if it saves nothing, and especially not the time spent there, at least it does not waste anything! : Cheesy:
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Re: Non-perpetual movement!

by Ahmed » 19/02/18, 19:13

the more I waste, the more I can save, so we are on the right track!

It's very shaddockian, actually! :D
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Re: Non-perpetual movement!

by Mikhail » 05/11/20, 17:29

100% clean energy !!!
The originals here: ...
Calculation method :
Explanation (in Russian) here:
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Re: Non-perpetual movement!

by ABC2019 » 06/11/20, 07:57

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