Philanthropists help the climate ...

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Philanthropists help the climate ...

by izentrop » 20/07/19, 14:46

Philanthropists Will Collect 62,5 Million Dollars For Extinction Rebellion And School Strikers ... 95706.html
Responding to the call of local activists, several wealthy philanthropists announced Friday the creation of a new fund that will raise funds for climate action groups around the world.

Investor Trevor Neilson, filmmaker Rory Kennedy and Aileen Getty of the Getty Oil family have so far raised more than 625 000 $ for their Climate Emergency Fund (CEF). Philanthropists intend to raise at least 100 times this amount over the next few months appealing to other rich and powerful contacts from around the world, asking them to use their immense wealth to help demand that governments take immediate and decisive action to combat climate change.

Echoing the message that groups such as Extinction Rebellion and the School Strike for Climate movement have been spreading for months, Neilson recently realized that most people with enough wealth to potentially influence legislators have not that further progress was needed to combat the climate crisis. insufficient.

“The world's greatest philanthropists are always in a progressive mindset,” Neilson told The Guardian. "We don't have time for gradualism."

Extinction Rebellion, who will receive much of the money raised by the fund so far and pushed Neilson to use his fortune for the cause, praised the development of the CEF.

"It is a sign that we are coming to a tipping point," said a spokesperson. "In the past, philanthropy was often a matter of self-interest, but now people realize that we are all in the same boat and that they put their money forward for our collective well-being. "

The money collected by the CEF will also go to the schools climate strike. The other grassroots activists will be able to solicit three levels of funding: start-ups, groups who want to create a permanent structure for their activism work and campaigns set up that are ready to organize large-scale events and pay. salaries to the organizers.

“Our climate crisis demands a new paradigm, requiring the phasing out of fossil fuel infrastructure, the phased introduction of non-fossil energy sources and the large-scale removal of carbon from the atmosphere,” the report reads. fund site. “Despite what we know is necessary, we are currently heading in the wrong direction as global emissions continue to rise each year. CEF recognizes that this time requires large-scale disruption and non-violent civil disobedience to impose the policy change we need. " co - founder Bill McKibben, the uninhabitable author of the Earth, David Wallace - Wells, and Climate Mobilization founder Margaret Klein Salamon are among the advisors to the fund 's board of directors. The councilors have all spent years calling for bold action to dramatically reduce carbon emissions immediately by ending fossil fuel projects and moving to a renewable energy economy.

Salamon wrote on social media that the fund and the involvement of wealthy philanthropists could be a "game changer for the Climate Emergency Movement."
Let's bet that it really triggers the action in the sense of saving the climate :)

Ricochets's review ... simes.html
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Re: Philanthropists help the climate ...

by Ahmed » 20/07/19, 16:23

The review of "Ricochets" relieves me of a detailed review: I'm glad that this kind of propaganda does not fool everyone!
The minds are so conditioned by money that even the most concerned with the common good come to think that it is only the use of money that would be good or bad and are not detached enough from the usual slogans to perceive clearly that the consequences can not be combated thanks to an increase in causes ...
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Re: Philanthropists help the climate ...

by GuyGadebois » 11/08/19, 20:02

izentrop wrote:Philanthropists Will Collect 62,5 Million Dollars For Extinction Rebellion And School Strikers ... 95706.html

$ 625,000, or 100 times less than advertised, and a little bit of a fly in the face of needs ... enough to buy a little conscience for a few minutes. Ah, and the way to write it off on your tax sheet (100%). I call it show philanthropy ...
Better still: article 501c3 of the American tax code which allows significant exemptions and since 1981, they are only required to a minimum distribution equal to 5% of their endowment! The rest escape tax.
Magnificent system which causes ecstasy in some (Ah Bill Gates, ah but what a generous donor ...). ... nds-174968
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Re: Philanthropists help the climate ...

by moinsdewatt » 07/01/20, 00:54

Thank you for clearing Imarockstar which is only a spam submitter
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