The 3D printing, a revolution? Green PLA or ABS pollutant?

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Re: 3D printing, a revolution ______? (Eco OR Polluan

by moinsdewatt » 20/07/13, 13:25

Hic wrote: .
"" "an anecdote or, a few days before a big air show, a manufacturer saw his prototype nailed to the ground because of a missing part ... it was 3D printing that allowed the aircraft to take to the air and the builder to shine in front of his customers. "" "

Source requested please.
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Re: 3D printing, a revolution ______? (Eco OR Polluan

by plasmanu » 20/07/13, 15:14

moinsdewatt wrote:
Source requested please.

In my garden ... STOP .... Very fresh attention ... STOP ....

You're heavy ... please
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by Rabbit » 20/07/13, 16:24

This 3D technology is really fascinating.
I dream of having such a machine.
Especially since I already have some ideas of what I can do with it.
Like a case for a dif home made thermostat made with a
Arduino (I'm still learning programming),
a metering pump, a venturi etc. These are not the projects
missing but funding for these.
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Re: 3D printing, a revolution ______? (Eco OR Polluan

by Christophe » 21/07/13, 10:36

moinsdewatt wrote:Source requested please.

Hic has obviously deleted his message ... because I can not see it anymore!

plasmanu no personal attacks please, the lessdewatt request is legitimate right?

Rabbit in a few weeks I will be able to deliver one to you !!
: Arrow: (by hand if you want since we are not far away), with regard to 3D creation ideas: you can create a subject!

Basically you have to master 2 softwares: a modeling (google sketchup is one of the most accessible currently) and a 3D printing ( ) after we can do without the modeling step by getting free models from the net (but it's often more than just functional things for the moment)
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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by loopyng84 » 03/10/14, 11:56

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