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by Christophe » 11/11/14, 13:33

I knew, it's a little too much gadget?

Already, in my opinion, even for the real 3D printers, the real econological utility is waiting ...
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by 220plumber » 21/11/14, 14:13


Note to Flytox especially:

The advantage of stepper motors is precisely not to require a servo loop (therefore expensive position sensors) subject to taking a minimum of precautions in the design of the machine:
- the engine torque must be sufficient to drive the parts to be driven without never lose of step. Acceleration and speed must be limited accordingly. The loss of step is indeed dramatic because it is irretrievable for the continuation of the machining as long as one does not launch a phase of calibration (return towards abutments of known position). You must also know that the number of steps lost is always multiple of 4.
- The maximum accuracy is limited by the play of the transmission. There are excellent drive systems by screw / nut assembly with play catch.

During my professional career, I was able to design the step-by-step drive system for a grinding machine for eyeglass lenses for opticians. Given the precision obtained and the use, we can not consider this type of machine as being 'low end', although there has been no servo loop. On the other hand, numerous tests were conducted to estimate maximum speed and acceleration to ensure a guaranteed operation without loss of step, the displacement algorithms were designed to adapt to each displacement an acceleration ramp making it possible to obtain the maximum speed, and the whole chain of transmission has been studied to reduce the game to a minimum.

To come back to the 3D printer in question, I unfortunately do not think that such solutions have been adopted, given the modest cost of this machine.

See you soon.
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by Flytox » 21/11/14, 22:36

Hello 220plombier.

Completely agree with you, when the mechanical coupling stepper motor is well studied with respect to the efforts to make / stiffness of the assembly / speed / acceleration etc ..., it works very good.
Remembrance of a motorized XY table step by step, slaved to a machine of hardness and which never erred remained in a repeatability of 1 / 100 displacement of mm.

The bad memory was an Ultrasonic control installation that I had helped to "unravel" (instead of the manufacturer who was particularly quick to type in key) .... the lack of rigidity of the gantry was so obvious that we saw the top of the Z axis which vibrated during this certain displacement. It was necessary to choose its displacement parameters (mainly the speed) according to the displacement (5 axes) to prevent all the Z / X axes from resonating ... and doing a bit of anything. It was necessary to redo the origins of the axes several times a day to be sure not to be "shifted" etc .... : Mrgreen:
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by mopa8000 » 27/05/19, 00:07

SixK wrote:In the picture, the finish of the piece does not seem top, is the photo that is misleading?
comments do you think you get a correct finish, Dremel, sandpaper, lime?


Although 3D printing was for a long time reserved for professionals and do-it-yourselfers, it is now being introduced in private homes. This is a printing mode that allows you to create your own plastic or nylon objects. Making objects of any kind would be possible thanks to an 3D printer. If you're interested in designing 3D objects, getting an 3D printer would be a great idea.

For more information I invite you to read this article:
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