éconologiques ideas of objects to print 3D?

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by Dominique14 » 12/07/14, 12:02

As much as I do not necessarily see a great interest in printing 3d for individuals, as much for medicine I am convinced that it will allow to make many advances, especially in the manufacture of prostheses.
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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by Grelinette » 12/07/14, 14:06

3D printing would not take the path of printing 2D? ...

When the man knew how to put his ideas, his thoughts, his experience, his knowledge, his history on paper, it allowed him to develop his culture, transmit his knowledge and thus accelerate his evolution.

Today 2D printing is used beyond reason: everything is printed and paper consumption has taken disproportionate proportions (see the volumes of paper devoured by administrations). We come to the point of indicating on the messages: "print this message only if necessary" ...

In the 80 years, at the beginning of the microcomputer, I remember some professors of college who announced that with the revolution and the democratization of the microcomputing and its use on all the levels, it was the end at all paper! ...
In fact, the opposite has occurred.

Are not we going to print in 3D everything that passes us by the head, from useful to futile?

Note that a side benefit of this prophecy is that trees can finally blow a little, especially if we can print documents in 3D: the information will be contained in a volume! It may be the end of a thousand reams of papers that pass from the printer to the photocopy, to end the trash ... : Mrgreen:
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Project of the horse-drawn-hybrid - The project econology
"The search for progress does not exclude the love of tradition"
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I Citro
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Econologue expert
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by I Citro » 12/07/14, 17:56

The 3D printing inaugurates the beginning of a new revolution, that of the manufacture of objects at a distance.
Are not we going to print in 3D everything that passes us by the head, from useful to futile?
Obviously, this will produce with the consequences eco logical NO that we imagine. :|

But it will also help to shake up some captive markets ... : Mrgreen:

As much I do not necessarily see a great interest in printing 3d for individuals
There are individuals, and particular econologists, some of whom are without knowing it. :D

I ride in an electric car for many years and campaign in this matter (150.000km done by plugging me into the same socket as your TV) ...
The "revival" of the electric vehicle has been accompanied by the development of new plugs and charging standards intended to create new "profit centers" from which the promoters hoped to enrich themselves greatly in a short time ...
This approach proves detrimental and considerably hinders the advent of this mode of individual travel. Indeed, the supply of electricity has never been a big problem in France and access to the network could develop rapidly in all areas of the territory close to an ERDF line ...
But "thinking heads" wanted to take advantage of the windfall and create a new rent and new taxes. They therefore, under the guise of safety (which is not open to criticism), imposed new socket standards that apply ONLY TO electric vehicles.
In just 2 years, 4 or 5 kinds of plugs have appeared to load vehicles.
The needs of the users are to be able to recharge on any point of electrical supply and on any terminal, whatever the catch.
This requires electronic adapters AND mechanical adapters as we all used to connect our earthed computers when the power outlets in our home were not equipped ...

Today, some fast charging sockets for electric vehicles cost up to 1000 € and the most basic are not less than 100 € (without the cable or the "security" electronics) ...
Thanks to the 3D printing, some craftsmen offer quick 150 $ load plugs or the computer file to print it yourself ...

I think it is important to work on this kind of realization that will have the main effect of dropping the exorbitant prices of the manufacturers who held the monopoly and abused it ...
: Idea: : Mrgreen:
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