Improve the insulation of a house

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Improve the insulation of a house

by stone » 17/10/21, 11:10


I want to know all the insulation points to check in a home.

I find that the invoice is too large!

Thank you
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Re: Improve the insulation of a house

by SixK » 18/10/21, 01:41

You can start by looking at all the stray air passages.
Just run your hand at the electrical outlets / switch / electrical conduits ...
If you smell air, you can inject silicone, polyurethane foam or acrylic sealant into the sheath that carries the wires. (no need to put in tons, it just needs to clog)

If you have wooden beams in a room that go up to the attic, it's rarely waterproof.
You can put a little silicone or acrylic sealant on it.

Check the air passages and the insulation at the level of the inspection hatch (put a seal if the air passes and a little insulation on the hatch if possible)

Limit air movements between living rooms and "cold" rooms (stairs, garage, etc.)
In our case, we put a curtain between the living room and the entrance with stairwell. We didn't want to put doors.
We felt much better.

If electric heating, install a programmer to heat the different zones in "comfort" mode at the times it is necessary (up, down, ...)

Watching your roof when it is frost is a good indicator of the points of loss, if it is melted it is because the hot air is passing / or there are defects in the insulation of the attic (if you have any).

You can check the attic insulation if you have any. 2x20cm of glass wool placed crosswise, it is a good base, there are other materials and other techniques. Generally speaking, the height of insulation is required.

If you have a fireplace, you must at least install an insert. Preferably, take it BBC (waterproof) to take the air outside the house.

Check the air passages at the windows. If there are vents on your windows, put a humidity sensitive vent. (be careful, it can be adjusted, not enough just to put it down)
Humidity-controlled vents on the CMV are probably a good idea too.

Roller shutters on all windows.

It is probably far from exhaustive (I let the others complete).
In general, it is better to invest in insulation than in heating.
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Re: Improve the insulation of a house

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 18/10/21, 02:26

Double glazing.
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Re: Improve the insulation of a house

by izentrop » 18/10/21, 19:53

GuyGadeboisLeRetour wrote:Double glazing.
If the windows are in good condition, custom renovation double glazing is done that can be installed either ...
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Re: Improve the insulation of a house

by phil59 » 19/10/21, 20:56

GuyGadeboisLeRetour wrote:Double glazing.

Yes, but it is often what comes almost last.

9/10, it's not the priority, if the doors are in good condition!
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Re: Improve the insulation of a house

by Obamot » 23/10/21, 10:47


Can we see the Pierren invoice?
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