Nourishing Windbreak Hedge - An example

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Nourishing Windbreak Hedge - An example

by Jardinierbricoleur » 06/01/23, 19:36


After doing some work on the subject, my friend Léony put her theories into practice on her own land.

See the creation of his new nourishing windbreak hedge here: Edible Windbreak Hedge

►1: Introduction
►2: What is a windbreak hedge?
►3: A bit of history about windbreak hedges
►4: Advantages of a windbreak hedge
►5: Disadvantages of a windbreak hedge
►6: Design - Air Porosity or Density
►7: Design - Height and Length Orientation
►8: Choice of species - Factors to consider
►9: Choice of species - Know your terrain
►10: Choice of species - Know your needs
►11: List of species chosen for the project
►12: Recommendations and Resources

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Re: Nourishing Windbreak Hedge - An example

by Obamot » 08/01/23, 03:00

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