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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Sam pelton generator project 40m for 4l / s

Unread Messageby sam2302 » 28/03/20, 11:04


Sam electrical engineer, I'm from the Landes
I present my installation with 10.5kwc of solar self-consumption with battery autoconso.
I manage my installation with a PLC, touch screen and remote SMS alarm.

In addition to this installation, I am in the process of installing on my land an 80mm pipe over 250m with 40 meters of elevation.
I can have more than 10l / s in rainy weather but I just want to use 4l / s. I am currently looking for the generator so that it is equipped with a pelton wheel (at turbinealternateur, Allytech ....)
Do you have any tips for installing this turbine, or other generator suppliers?
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I learn econologic
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Re: Sam pelton generator project 40m for 4l / s

Unread Messageby Juju64 » 24/04/20, 21:38


For small installs, it is often the Banki / Crossflow turbines that work well, this at a lower efficiency but we are able to pass almost everything https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-flow_turbine
In table corner calculation, 4L / s => 14.4m3 / h
Pressure losses: 2mCE, therefore more than 38m, we will say 35mCE with elbows and other
Hydraulic power: 1.4kW

Otherwise there is also the Turgo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turgo_turbine which goes well for this range but which is more sensitive to breakage (bearing, axis) because the force of the jet is not balanced and it vibrates a lot, well on Banki and Turgo are action turbines, so no need to sealing. The best for me remains the Banki because little vibration and a better distributed force.
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