Sam pelton generator project 40m for 4l / s

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Sam pelton generator project 40m for 4l / s

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Sam electrical engineer, I'm from the Landes
I present my installation with 10.5kwc of solar self-consumption with battery autoconso.
I manage my installation with a PLC, touch screen and remote SMS alarm.

In addition to this installation, I am in the process of installing on my land an 80mm pipe over 250m with 40 meters of elevation.
I can have more than 10l / s in rainy weather but I just want to use 4l / s. I am currently looking for the generator so that it is equipped with a pelton wheel (at turbinealternateur, Allytech ....)
Do you have any tips for installing this turbine, or other generator suppliers?
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I learn econologic
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Re: Sam pelton generator project 40m for 4l / s

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For small installs, it is often the Banki / Crossflow turbines that work well, this at a lower efficiency but we are able to pass almost everything
In table corner calculation, 4L / s => 14.4m3 / h
Pressure losses: 2mCE, therefore more than 38m, we will say 35mCE with elbows and other
Hydraulic power: 1.4kW

Otherwise there is also the Turgo which goes well for this range but which is more sensitive to breakage (bearing, axis) because the force of the jet is not balanced and it vibrates a lot, well on Banki and Turgo are action turbines, so no need to sealing. The best for me remains the Banki because little vibration and a better distributed force.
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