Study project (questionnaire) renewable energy production facilities

Renewable energies except solar electric or thermal (seeforums dedicated below): wind turbines, energy from the sea, hydraulic and hydroelectricity, biomass, biogas, deep geothermal energy ...
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Study project (questionnaire) renewable energy production facilities

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Hello !

My name is Paul, I am currently a design student in Nantes and I am working on a project in partnership with a company selling photovoltaic panels. Our goal is to rethink a new ecosystem of products and services for this company.

We are currently entering the design phase with my team, and we need feedback from users who have invested in renewable energy production facilities (so this can also concern sources other than solar: geothermal energy, for example) to guide our design choices. The objective for us is to understand your motivations, and the values ​​that seem important to you with regard to renewable energy.

This questionnaire is therefore intended for owners of renewable energy production facilities.

This quiz is anonymous, you do not need to enter your email address. He understands 10 issues, and requires approximately 10/15 minutes of your time depending on your speed ;)

Thank you in advance if you are interested and if you have the time, do not hesitate to share this link with people around you!

The quiz link
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