Investment price of a wind turbine?

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by chatelot16 » 17/03/12, 16:43

chatelot16 wrote:when france got fully involved in nuclear power, wind turbines weren't taken seriously

now there are enough to see that it works ... to see the true cost prices

the cost price of wind energy is a real price without incidental costs without risk of accident other than for one who would remain at the foot of a wind turbine one day of great storm

on the other hand in the cost price of the nuclear one does not count correctly, the price of the risk, the expenses of the State to ensure safety, the price of the storage of waste, the price of the final dismantling ... all these prices do may only increase

the cost price of wind turbines can only fall with future technical progress

building new nuclear power plants is an economic mistake

wind power has less constant power than nuclear power, but we can build at least 3 times more power for the same price: it justifies organizing consumption to adapt to it: numerous large consuming industries could automatically adapt their consomation
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