A million billion dilemmas

Oil, gas, coal, nuclear (PWR, EPR, hot fusion, ITER), gas and coal thermal power plants, cogeneration, tri-generation. Peakoil, depletion, economics, technologies and geopolitical strategies. Prices, pollution, economic and social costs ...
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A million billion dilemmas

by thibr » 23/03/21, 21:02

Each algorithmic recommendation is in fact a dilemma, especially on complex subjects like nuclear. Unfortunately, the number of these dilemmas brings us to unmanageable scales for us humans.

Script + sources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/...

0:00 Introduction
3:03 Every recommendation is a dilemma
5:55 A matter of spontaneous recommendations
7:57 Astronomical scales
11:31 Algorithms are already largely superhuman
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