Nickel shortage by 2024

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Nickel shortage by 2024

by izentrop » 31/10/21, 08:14

The Rystad Energy firm expects a nickel shortage by 2024 (i.e. tomorrow). The reason is the lack of discoveries of sufficiently interesting deposits to be exploited.
If the nickel is used 70% to make stainless steel and a little less than 10% to make car batteries, the first use increases by 5% per year when the second explodes and is expected to reach over 30%. in 2026.
There are alternatives for car batteries but nickel allows both to benefit from batteries with a high energy density (which allow vehicles to have a high range) and to save cobalt which is also critical.
This is also why it is necessary to limit the mass of the vehicles in order to optimize the use of the materials constituting the batteries. Faced with future constraints on the various metals (nickel, lithium, cobalt, etc.) for various reasons (geological, lack of investment in the face of exploding demand, geopolitics), it is essential to use materials sparingly. . ... facturers/
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Re: Nickel shortage by 2024

by Flytox » 31/10/21, 12:58

This is only the beginning of a long series of essential metals whose supply will become very tight ....
Some would have to understand this to stop eternally promoting the exponential model ... doomed to collapse. ... la-societe

Metals, non-renewable natural mineral resources, are the basis of our industrial civilization. Less media coverage than climate change or energy issues, their scarcity will nevertheless be one of the major challenges of the XNUMXst century: our development model, which is based on economic growth and a continuous increase in the extraction of resources, comes up against the finitude of the planet.

This is the theme that a group of engineers from the association of centralists has chosen to deal with in this scientific book under the direction of Philippe Bihouix and Benoît de Guillebon. Following an in-depth and documented analysis, taking into account the technical, economic, social and environmental challenges of the scarcity of metals, the authors challenge the myths of abundance, green growth and necessarily life-saving technology.

Metals also set the limits of a circular economy based on widespread recycling. Written in a language accessible to all, composed of a main text supplemented by some thirty studies covering sectors of activity, metals and transversal themes, this book is designed to answer the questions of all those who want to understand the future. metals.
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