Nuclear power continues in the world

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A.D. 44
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Re: Nuclear continues in the world

by A.D. 44 » 13/11/23, 21:58

And if there was only that!!!

Should we remember the great Brazilian adventure? But good god...what the hell are we going to do there?!!! What a many hundreds of millions were lost...we will probably never know.

And the lovely transalpine getaway! This one also cost Candy...

And elsewhere again!

While during this time...we did nothing of anything in France (apart from that damn EPR...), we left everything abandoned and we woke up much too late (the alarm went off completely). very bad).

(If we had really invested in enr... failing to maintain and relaunch the atom... but no, not even... We did nothing at all)
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Re: Nuclear continues in the world

by Remundo » 13/11/23, 22:07

sicetaitsimple wrote:Yes, when we bled a company by making it sell 1/3 (approximately) of its production to its competitors for more than 10 years at a price that did not cover its costs and without the slightest increase, we should not be surprised that this -this is a bit of a pickle...

That’s ARENH and speculo-European bullshit.

This is one angle of the problem. Undeniable.

In France, the sector was also scuttled by a lack of political and industrial continuity, which led to the EPR fiasco.

During the time of Lauvergeon, who was undoubtedly one of the worst managers at Areva, her technical incompetence was coupled with insider trading, with the Uramin affair which brought him personally while providing €5 billion in losses after having deliberately ignored the alarming reports from geologists on the poverty of the deposit, presented as a gold uranium goose.

At the time Anne's companion was called Olivier FRIC, You can not make that up...

Sorry to tell you this bluntly, but France has the art of having chief sluts in all strategic positions...
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Re: Nuclear continues in the world

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 13/11/23, 22:07

Between "them" also, EDF which sells technologies belonging to Areva to the Chinese... giant nickel mine of Weda Bay (26% held by Areva for 776 million euros), 4,5 billion for delays in Finland. .. and 24 billion fines hanging over the nose for a state corruption affair (Anne Lauvergeon and Édouard Philippe in the crosshairs). ... ce-1308725
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