Russian gas: Gazprom Bomb G Putin (Arte Thema)

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Re: Russian Gas: Gazprom Putin's Bomb G (Arte Thema)

by Christophe » 16/03/23, 09:02

Since Norway would be complicit, now Izi finds us publications judge and party... I'm fed up!

What is the CV and pedigree of "Norwegian journalists"? Fucked searchers like Pain or TMS? : Mrgreen:

In short 0.0 credibility ... but it was a good try!

With prouks and siegvax, this kind of fakenews necessarily works! Not here !
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Re: Russian Gas: Gazprom Putin's Bomb G (Arte Thema)

by gegyx » 16/03/23, 11:52

zyzy? your article in norwegian is amazing! : Evil:

Translation !

Otherwise for the mysterious trash cans placed on the sidewalks it is illegal
Another (and 2) actor(s) of organized disorder
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Re: Russian Gas: Gazprom Putin's Bomb G (Arte Thema)

by Obamot » 16/03/23, 23:12

The translation from Norwegian I did, it's a great catch-up to the branches of any Nawak from start to finish, and which only amplifies the big doubt (after convergence of Hersh's testimonies) that the new-Newvengians have been caught hand in the pot of jam, Aaaah the compromise, the sons of Knut* for a bunch of dollars...

(couldn't resist)
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