Fukushima: information and report on the nuclear accident

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by Macro » 21/03/13, 10:00

These bugs can happen everywhere ... Since 2003 (purchase of my cabin and change the electrical board I am a 3 ratzouille (mouse) stuck on the distributor phase in the table ... and yet there is hood and bibs ...
Each time it is the main circuit breaker (diff 500mA) that pee ... And I looked for a moment .. It always happened some seconds after having turned on the light in the room where the table is ...
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I understand econologic
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by culbuto » 21/03/13, 10:46

the ultimate weapon needed to prevent our power plants farting in our faces:
we can even send:
considering that the muzzles are already gone anyway. and for a long time!
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Re: Fukushima: news and report on the nuclear accident

by Christophe » 04/06/23, 22:14

Netflix has just released a miniseries about the disaster:

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