Eco Balance: Tour de France or F1 season, which is worse?

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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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some figures for the Tour de France

3 500. In kilometers, the total distance of the 95th Tour, which includes twenty-one stages and two days of rest.

4 000. The number of followers of the Tour de France, a pretty little traveling town that moves in the 1500 Tour vehicles.

13 000. The number of gendarmes deployed on the roadside during the three weeks of the Tour. 45 Republican Guards provide security on the run.

101 bike source ... on=Elites1

not to mention I think the helicopter France 2
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Julien Robert
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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And the Olympic Games?
Millions of travelers on planes .... :!:
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View Christophe » 08/07/08, 01:13

jessle wrote:some figures for the Tour de France

Ah thank you! Shit I was far :)
It is closer to 6 Million km .... but hey it is in all cases less than a season of F1 ...

For the Olympics it must be much more than the F1 but as it's not every year ...

I think athletes from around the world must have a bigger impact in%.

If anyone wants to have fun redoing the F1 .pdf reasoning?
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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View Hydraxon » 13/07/08, 18:14

Regarding the fuels F1, they are improved (for something other than the F1, their price is too high), but compatible with commercial vehicles; and conversely, F1 can ride 95. Combinations of mechanics are equivalent firefighter combinations, the use of which is necessary because the risk of fire is very important when pouring gasoline at such a rate (a real stupidity security issue).

For engine performance, what do you want to say? Because F1 engines are jewelery compared to normal engines, but they consume close to half a liter per kilometer.
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