Blocking refineries Total: Stations already dry

Oil, gas, coal, nuclear (PWR, EPR, hot fusion, ITER), gas and coal thermal power plants, cogeneration, tri-generation. Peakoil, depletion, economics, technologies and geopolitical strategies. Prices, pollution, economic and social costs ...
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I Citro
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by I Citro » 23/02/10, 23:42

:? Sorry to not be able to help them ... But when we don't use gasoline ...

Total works like the rest of our society ... always more profits for those who have too much ... and always more insecurity for others ...

These bastards of journalists take us out of the enormities like what the market is depressed the refineries turn at 30% ... and at the same time we plan to multiply by 4 the import of fuel already refined ...
While totoal's shareholders are eating each other, the number of unemployed explodes ...
Who is going to invent the red circle of the wicked to designate them as the plague victims that they are ...
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by Former Oceano » 24/02/10, 13:40

Risk of shortage = people who fill up and start driving with a light foot on the highway to save fuel.

In short, it should be more often it is not bad for the environment.
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