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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Electric kettle heating temperature

Unread Messageby lisabaron » 24/08/20, 16:25

I currently have an electric teapot, and I believe it does not heat up to the correct temperatures. It is adjustable to the desired temperature level, but it gets too hot when I set it to temperatures above 90 °.

It is a riviera and bar.
If you have a solution to offer me or a finding, I am interested in your experience.

Good day to all :).

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Re: Electric kettle heater temperature

Unread Messageby Christophe » 24/08/20, 17:39

Well if it is adjustable ... set lower than 90 ° C! : Cheesy: : Shock:
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Re: Electric kettle heater temperature

Unread Messageby phil59 » 24/08/20, 21:05

Simple and efficient !!!!! : Cheesy:
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Re: Electric kettle heater temperature

Unread Messageby izentrop » 25/08/20, 01:12

Lisa is also the model of the kettle?

I have a domoclip kettle, it must be the same kind of machine and program.
We no longer use the program, we stop it manually when the water simmers.

So I tried again by measuring the water with a kitchen thermometer.
I tested with 0.6 liters: set at 50 °, in reality when it stops at 50 ° displayed, the temperature continues to rise to stabilize at 70 °, real water temperature also displayed on the kitchen thermometer .
I did another test again with 0.6 liters. Kettle not completely cooled set to 70 °, after auto shutdown the display indicated up to 81 ° after stabilization

While keeping warm, the temperature fell to 67 so that the resistance heats up again and stabilized again at 76 °.

Morality must take into account the inertia of the thermostat. The water temperature is that displayed after stabilization.
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