LiDAR scanner on the next Apple Pro and TOF sensor at Samsung

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LiDAR scanner on the next Apple Pro and TOF sensor at Samsung

by Christophe » 25/11/20, 09:55


After its iPad Pro, it is the turn of the iPhone 12 Pro to benefit from Apple's famous LiDAR scanner. If this sensor promises to improve the use of augmented reality such as the quality of photographs, it is also a marketing argument.


Radar by light

Used for many years in the fields of archaeological research, caving or the growing industry of autonomous cars, LiDAR, also written simply as lidar, makes it possible to measure the distance between a sensor and a target. Its principle is simple: the light emitted by the LiDAR goes towards its target. Reflected on its surface, it returns to its source. Since the speed of light is a constant, LiDAR is thus able to calculate the distance separating it from the target. And to map an entire environment in three dimensions.

Laser remote sensing technology is used today by many companies producing their own devices. Widely democratized in recent years, it has also become miniaturized. In fact, the term lidar covers a very wide variety of laser distance measurement systems. From time-of-flight detection lidar or ToF, for Time of Flight, to frequency-modulated continuous wave lidar (FMCW), they are more or less complex depending on the use. The former take an overall shot with a wider beam, while more advanced lidar systems, like the FMCW, offer multiple beams for greater precision.

It is important to specify that Apple is not the first to integrate a lidar into a smartphone, far from it. Moreover, its homemade LiDAR is not much more than a variant of the ToF sensor present on many smartphones already on the market, such as those from Huawei or Samsung.

(...) ... ple_148385

About TOF technology: ... 86458.html

When we know that a laser scanner in professional use can be sold for 100 € or more ... having this kind of technology in a mobile leaves you dreaming !!
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