Debt, the documentary film on public debt

Current Economy and Sustainable Development-compatible? GDP growth (at all costs), economic development, inflation ... How concillier the current economy with the environment and sustainable development.
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Debt, the documentary film on public debt

by Christophe » 26/09/13, 18:51

The next DHR documentary to be released in theaters on September 25 "La Dette" by Sophie Mitrani Nicolas Ubelmann.

In 2010, the debt crisis in Greece is lit in one of the cradles of democracy.
It is spreading throughout Europe to this day, threatening the very foundations of the European Union.
But from where does the debt? What logic and what interests are behind this word? ...


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You will finally know why the state coffers are empty ... and where public money has disappeared!

Let's be frank. So far, the debt of France has never prevented us from sleeping. But in recent years, political speeches have made the issue of debt repayment such an obsession that it was necessary look a little closer. Should we privatize public services, sell our assets, reduce wages, work longer, pay less medication, closing hospitals and schools, raise VAT, taxes, taxes of all kinds ...
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