In 2013 installed more renewable than fossil watts

Current Economy and Sustainable Development-compatible? GDP growth (at all costs), economic development, inflation ... How concillier the current economy with the environment and sustainable development.
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In 2013 installed more renewable than fossil watts

by freddau » 16/04/15, 13:42

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Re: In 2013 more renewable watts installed than fossil

by moinsdewatt » 18/04/15, 12:05

in French :

Renewable energies are growing faster than fossil fuels

Ecofin Agency the 17 April 0215

Renewable sources for the first time exceed fossil fuels in the race for energy. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) revealed at its annual meeting thatin 2013, 143 GW renewable energy capacity were installed against 141 GW for fossil fuels.

At the root of this evolution are massive investments in renewable energies in India, Chile, South-East Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

The organization expects this gap to widen, notwithstanding the decline in oil and gas prices. Thus, in 2030, 279 GW of renewable power plants will be installed against 64 GW of plants using fossil fuels, but this, provided that the rate of investment in the renewable is maintained. "The electrical system is becoming cleaner," enthused Michael Liebreich, founder of BNEF.

However, the path to achieve these objectives is still long due to the intermittent nature of renewable energies such as solar or wind power and their relatively high cost. According to forecasts by the International Energy Agency, fossil fuels, although declining, will still represent 76% of the global energy mix in 2035 against 18% for renewables. ... s-fossiles
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