Negative effects of fast fashion in Chile

Current Economy and Sustainable Development-compatible? GDP growth (at all costs), economic development, inflation ... How concillier the current economy with the environment and sustainable development.
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Negative effects of fast fashion in Chile

by izentrop » 09/11/21, 02:21

The South American country has specialized for forty years in the trade of second-hand clothing, between clothes discarded by consumers, destocking and good works from the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries. 'Asia.

Each year, 59.000 tons of clothing arrive in the free zone of the port of Iquique, 1800 km north of Santiago. In this commercial zone with preferential customs duties, the bales are sorted and then resold in second-hand stores in Chile or exported to other Latin American countries.

"These clothes come from all over the world," Alex Carreño, a former worker in the port importation zone, told AFP. ... -d-atacama

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Re: Negative effects of fast fashion in Chile

by Christophe » 09/11/21, 10:25

Why in Chile?

Fashion (or rather more generally fashion effects) has always been an ecological disaster and everywhere !!
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Re: Negative effects of fast fashion in Chile

by Ahmed » 09/11/21, 11:08

..."always"! As you go Christophe! :P

The fast fashion in large volumes results from the need for the economy to accelerate the flow of goods which are less and less carrying abstract value due to constantly increased productivity. Both voltage (speed) and amperage (volume) must be increased to maintain profits; it's the red queen effect ...
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