Public debt VS VS immigration tax evasion

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Public debt VS VS immigration tax evasion

by Christophe » 08/06/16, 20:40

History to give a few points on the i ... strangely tax evasion and public debt (especially public debt) have an extremely reduced media coverage compared to immigration ...

Dette_immigration_evasion.jpg (30.9 KiB) Consulted 3999 times

According to Actualutte - rebellious and rebellious information

- The interest on the debt was 45 billion euros in 2014. A book to read to better understand the debt: "We walk on the debt" by Vincent Glenn and Christophe Alévêque.
- The figures for the "cost" of immigration vary according to the sources, but are generally between 0 (equilibrium) and slightly positive (image).

In practice, tax evasion is Amazon which charges 1.6% VAT ... a completely marginal rate and "which does not even exist": economy-finance / Luxembourg-amazon-bills-the-vat-a-1-6-t14720.html
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