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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby Philflam » 19/09/04, 08:49

Hello everyone, I ask the opinion of the specialists of the forum pour une question très pratique ... Mon père doit changer la chaudière. A l'origine, il était tenté de passer au gaz, seulement le chauffagiste lui a plutôt conseillé de rester au mazout... pour des raisons pratiques/économiques.

I'm a little short of arguments in favor of gas. I would have to find a compelling argument. For this I need your help;)

I wondered if the gas follows the trend of oil. Since the price of the barrel will continue to climb in the coming years, there will be the same for gas ?? : Rolleyes:
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Grand Econologue
Grand Econologue
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Unread Messageby Christine » 19/09/04, 09:53

the price of gas EST aligned to oil ... otherwise the "world" would change all energy 6 month saw the price fluctuation. There's just the price of gas is set to 6 months, he has no right to move in those 6 months. In the current environment there are strong chances that the gas increases sharply at the next change. So finally instead of being quiet for a year nivo stablilité prices with gas it is that during 6 months ....

FOr else you should know: better combustion with gas, less pollution, often perform better but cost of slightly larger plant is "discouraged" as generally the condensation boiler is too unreliable .... apparently ...
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