A small radio saved from the dump ...

Environmental impact of end of life products: plastics, chemicals, vehicles, agri-food marketing. direct recycling and recycling (upcycling or upcycling) and reuse of good items for the trash!
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Re: A small radio saved from the dump ...

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""Oh dear
the 5 / 4
the 7 / 8 a little that speaks to me! Y'a pa more colowéé, no more fusion ... it's chô, dancing ...
funky, I even think that the shuffle was born from there .. (la, la ... si ... do ........................ ) I just love it
in short, with you the electrons are walking at quarter-tone :D ""

- Yes, reassure yourself : Wink: , I read !
- For the 7 / 8 at 4 time, it's a bit like the tarantella, which is 6 / 8 at 4 time (4 groups of 3 semiquavers)! But for Reunion music, you "spike" the first note of the 4 groups of three 16ths, which means that you add ONE Hook in total. Hence the 7 / 8 at 4 time (actually 28 / 32!)! And if you sum up the notes of the group of 3, you have 7 triplets! What makes a double-dotted eighth ...
- Try, if you have music software (eg "Melody Assistant"), on your computer!
"" Oh, well ...! Cubase? wouuuuiii. ""
- Well, I always use it ... on an emulator Atari (STeEM-3.2) installed on my PC, which also drives me the USB / MIDI module! I discovered on the Internet that this Cubase for Atari is a "abandonware" that has been taken on at least 2 Atari game ROM download sites ("rolled up", of course - no need for a dongle!). This is much more accurate than some software such as Jazz, for example. Despite its age and its monochrome interface, it runs "nickel-chrome", even on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bits!
- Only with that I can program my WS2-II correctly, because it is not up to General-Midi standards!
- To take advantage of drum games and accompaniments of MIDI files available on the Internet, I also "remapped" all percussion instruments to the "General-MIDI" standard on the WS2-II and saved a floppy disk.
- Voili-voilou! Cordially.
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