Recycle foils in solar oven

Environmental impact of end of life products: plastics, chemicals, vehicles, agri-food marketing. direct recycling and recycling (upcycling or upcycling) and reuse of good items for the trash!
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Recycle foils in solar oven

by Chrisaiki » 17/04/16, 11:16


I start a group to recycle aluminum foil in a solar oven:

the mind map is there.

The community here.

Any suggestion or participation is welcome.


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Re: Recycle aluminum foils in a solar oven

by Obamot » 17/04/16, 17:32

Yeap, whatever ...

Ok, my first "ideas for participation":
- I do not buy aluminum foil, because it is toxic in contact with food (traces of which are deposited by osmosis, oxidation etc.) and that way I limit the load of pollutants in contact with my body! I think it's a cool idea, is not it?

- I do not buy aluminum foil because I know the energy-intensive girl, so it's a good gesture for the environment!

- moreover I use methodes of conservation without danger and much more effective (the freezing for example)

- and if nobody buys, no need to recycle!

"Ah but my good Môssieur, if you do not buy, the pre-packaged foods contain it, you will have to ...."

Well, no, I'm not obliged to buy pre-packaged food whose content has remained in contact with aluminum for several days, not wanting to poison me in the long run ... no thanks!

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