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Environmental impact of end of life products: plastics, chemicals, vehicles, agri-food marketing. direct recycling and recycling (upcycling or upcycling) and reuse of good items for the trash!
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by Christine » 21/10/09, 13:12

Woodcutter wrote:The structures that I know around here are called "Recyclerie - ressourcerie" ...

Yes it is a widespread designation, undoubtedly because it allows the public to better locate what this new concept is still a little "groping". Indeed, it covers very different things like renovation, reinterpretation - new use or new aspect for the object -, up to the original work of art or downright zany. Certain centers add activities such as environmental awareness, shows, exhibitions, etc.

But I think that over time the public will become familiar with these places, the different activities will specialize and use will lead to a simpler designation than "recycling-resource center".
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