Converting a car engine for stationary use

Tips, advice and tips to lower your consumption, processes or inventions as unconventional engines: the Stirling engine, for example. Patents improving combustion: water injection plasma treatment, ionization of the fuel or oxidizer.
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by Flytox » 04/11/13, 21:14

This is exactly the kind of manip that you have to try by doing a blank mount and spinning the crankshaft by hand before putting a starter stroke. : Mrgreen: There should not be the possibility of much out of phase (1 tooth, 2 max?) : Mrgreen:

In any case, when you increase the volumetric ratio substantially, you always have a headache with the valves.

On some non-turbocharged engines one can try to mount the aac of the turbo version, normally there is less crossing of the valves.
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by dede2002 » 04/11/13, 21:48

chatelot16 wrote:if we want to close earlier by shifting a cam shaft, it will also open sooner, so before the pmh ... so a collision in the piston

And if we open later we close later, we have the repression and no collision.
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