Eco-friendly Macbook repair

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Eco-friendly Macbook repair

by Basmati26 » 22/06/21, 15:41

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this little message to share a good plan with you. I am a fan of Apple products (unfortunately ..) and I had a problem with my macbook. I wanted to have it fixed so I went to Apple, but the repair was way too expensive.

I have a friend who told me about a refurbished macbook reseller who offers an eco-responsible repair service in Paris. Already the price was much more affordable and my repair was carried out with reconditioned parts therefore level of positive impact at the top for the planet.

I put the link to the site if some of you are interested and looking for an environmentally sensitive repairer.

-https: //
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Re: Eco-friendly Macbook repair

by Exnihiloest » 22/06/21, 21:25

Eco-sores are clearly targeted.
We used to have detergents that washed whiter than white, and now we have services that repair greener than green. The econs responsible for the macboucs will be happy.
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