Definition of cold

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Definition of cold

by mounir231 » 09/11/14, 23:30

It is a room specially equipped for conservation, it is adire the storage of different products at low temperature for a long time.
Products that can be stored in cold rooms are generally agri-food like
Meat butcheries, supermarkets, cheese factories, dates, citrus fruits, meat, but we can also store other different products such as drinks in Spain, for example, a technique used to treat wood 48 hours in airtight cold room with a rate of Controlled humidity ensures extermination of larvae, eggs, and xylophagous insects in furniture and works of art
objective of use of cold room:
prevents food from getting damaged because each product has a specific temperature to store it in the normal condition see this table to understand
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the air conditioning is simple with me
cold room !
wall mounted air conditioning!

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