Speed ​​thermal loss in degrees, followed by T °

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Éconologue good!
Éconologue good!
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Speed ​​thermal loss in degrees, followed by T °

by moby25 » 20/02/10, 22:21


I would like to situate myself a little concerning the thermal losses of my home.

I would like to know how much, for example, you lose degrees or tenths of degrees in 1 hour, once the heating is off.
We will take as reference the current temperatures, ie between 0 and 5 ° c outside.

Thank you
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by Christophe » 20/02/10, 23:28

Uh I think you cannot compare 2 dwellings "with a ladle" according to this method ... because there are too many parameters which come into play, starting with the place where the thermometer is placed!

By cons you can do it at home before and after a renovation or improvement.

There is a long-term USB temperature and humidity recorder great for doing this: https://www.econologie.com/shop/enregist ... p-192.html
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