Comparative Table of insulation

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Re: Comparison of insulation

by econobrico » 02/07/15, 13:38


compare insulators without evoking their overall behavior in the presence of moisture, water vapor, moving air, large temperature difference between their two faces, etc. is no use apart to favor the glass wool.

It would be crazy if the cheapest product (low cost) is not low range as in all areas of the economy!

Yes, glass wool insulation is low end. It would just be necessary that we stop using only the thermal resistance to compare the insulators and that we compare in "live" which insulator leads to consuming the least energy.
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by chatelot16 » 02/07/15, 16:00

difficult to compare materials alone given the multitude of possible combination

the only materials that can be used alone are the water-resistant expanded insulation polystyrene and polyurethane

the glass wool is the cheapest but is worth nothing alone because the air flow passes through ... it requires complementary materials to be sustainable

I'm not even sure that thermal resitance is the only significant figure, as if the power passing through a wall depended only on the difference between the temperature of 2 face

also this notion of thermal resistance seems to me valid for expensé waterproof ... for the glass wool mounted in the average condition with more or less controlled ventilation of the external face, when there is wind it decreases the performance of insulation

I find that the glass wool is the most economical materaiux but not mounted in the current way: mounted between 2 waterproof layer with controlled ventilation to avoid humidity: no natural ventilation exaggerated when there is wind and it is precisely during winter winds that insulation is the most important

the layer of glass wool does not need continuous ventilation: it does not breathe: it is therefore sufficient ventilation with outside air, only working on days or weather conditions are favorable ... and completely closed when ventilation would bring moisture
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I discovered econologic
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Re: Comparison of insulation

by patricians » 29/04/19, 17:00

please : Lol:
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Re: Comparison of insulation

by PVresistif » 21/11/23, 11:43

the table as presented is not relevant!
polystyrene has the worst fire rating but it's a bit stupid: in fact it is forbidden to install it without protection because it is dangerous; polystyrene behind plaster plaster (i.e. 99% of uses in building) is perfectly safe - because protected against fire (plaster is ideal) and therefore giving a worst ranking distorts the comparison.
Furthermore, presenting polystyrene as insulation suggests that it can be used as such without fire protection, which would be illegal (in the home in any case).............
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Re: Comparison of insulation

by Christophe » 21/11/23, 12:50

Not really true: in non-living rooms, you can install raw polystyrene, without a sandwich panel... This is the case in my home and probably in hundreds of thousands of attics, garages, sheds...

And 8 or 13 mm of plaster is only a mediocre fire barrier...once a fire breaks out!
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