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Replacement of ULMA 2000 pellet burner

Unread Messageby Peace » 01/02/20, 18:24

I have a complete ULMA 2000 20kw boiler since 2011

I want to change the burner because I seriously get into problems, this burner is not at all reliable, change of the ash compressor, three unreliable temperature probes which often indicate "probe fault" and three times the ignition which is almost normal wear and tear anyway. With delivery expectations, because the supplier is exclusive so we remain in the harbor the time to receive the ideal equipment in winter ..... the combustion chamber also is not of good quality, it is starting to seriously deteriorate. I therefore wish to stop the costs on this burner.
I want to change and leave on a brand more widespread for parts and better adaptable on my boiler. Do you think I can find a model if possible with a stainless steel chamber that would fit my worm and ash compressor? Can this be possible?
I am a consultant, thank you for your opinions
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