Okofen boiler setting

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I discovered econologic
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Okofen boiler setting

by Briinah » 02/11/23, 16:30

Hello everybody

I am encountering several problems with my okofen pellematic compact 12 kw boiler recently installed to replace a 2000 L oil boiler in an old farmhouse. The insulation must therefore not be at the best.

First of all, in comfort mode I request an ambient temperature of 20 degrees but the setpoint displayed on the main screen is systematically 1 degree lower, i.e. 19 degrees. In reduced mode, there is no this difference and the setpoint is identical to the requested room temperature.

Then, in comfort mode the boiler does not shut off when the requested setpoint is reached. If the setpoint is 19 degrees, the boiler heats until it reaches 19 and then it will oscillate between 19 and 19,3 but it does not shut off. In reduced mode, if the requested setpoint is 17,5 the boiler will cut off at 18,5.

In addition, the temperature is different depending on the room, if in comfort mode the setpoint is 19 degrees, when we have 19 degrees in the living rooms, we have around 18 degrees in the other rooms (kitchen, dining room and bedrooms). upstairs). Furthermore, the temperature of the room thermostat indicates 19 degrees but when I place a mercury thermometer just above the thermostat, it indicates more like 18 degrees-18,5 degrees rather than 19.

Here are the current boiler settings:

- 35° curve foot
- slope to 2,3 (raised on the advice of our heating engineer because initially set to 1,7 and then to 2 but after an entire afternoon the set temperatures were not reached, which worries me for consumption of pellets when it gets colder). It is indicated in the manual that in case of mild temperature if it is too cold, you must increase the foot of the curve and reduce the slope but in our case, the heating engineer just told us to increase the slope. I don't know if we did well or not.

- heating limit temperature reduced to 16 degrees (initially set to 5 degrees but as a result the boiler did not turn on at night and we went down to 16 degrees, i.e. below the requested set temperature of 17 degrees);
- comfort heating limit temperature at 18 degrees.

Can you help me please because I feel a little lost with this boiler and these complicated settings. I even come to regret my old oil boiler which was much easier to use but which was becoming much too expensive to use. Thank you.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Re: Okofen boiler adjustment

by ArthurD » 17/11/23, 16:59

Hi Briinah,
Did you manage to resolve your problem?

It would be a shame to go back to fuel oil because of poor settings : Cheesy:

Have you set up a graph with the following information?
Screenshot 2023-11-17 165631.png
Screenshot 2023-11-17 165631.png (16.85 KiB) Viewed 192 times

==> the name in parentheses changes depending on the installations

In addition, can you describe the volume to be heated (m² on the floor, ceiling height, wall and floor insulation, double glazing)?
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