What insulation to install a bt underfloor heating

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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What insulation to install a bt underfloor heating

by fanfantrelly » 11/01/21, 23:51

hello, I have already seen a forum on the subject, but I can't find it ....
I am in the process of fitting out a room in the barn of a farmhouse. I want to extend the underfloor heating which already exists in the adjoining room, the pipes had already been passed through the wall, pending the continuation of the work (started 20 years ago) .. I have done come a heating engineer who checked the feasibility, and it's ok. My concern is that the audit I addressed advises me to make a "perspiring" floor. I found the mason who agrees to make me a lime screed but I cannot know if the 80mm insulating slabs provided by the heating engineer meet the "breathable" criterion. He is overwhelmed and difficult to reach too, to discuss it with him, I would like to know what there are as suitable materials. I have already seen on a forum construction site that it is possible to fix the underfloor heating pipes on cork plates, for example.

For the moment, the ground has been lowered by 45cm, a hedgehog with a water / air drain has been laid, the next step will be the lime slab.
Thank you for your informed answers.
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